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Product name : PVC pipe anti corrosion bitumen tape
Film : Polyvinylchloride
Adhesive : Bitumen
Release paper : YES
Standard : ASTM D1000,BS 8102.
Storage life : 12 months
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PVC anti corrosion bitumen tape is a high performance anti-corrosive pipe wrapping tape designed for use on buried pipeline, pipe joints, fittings and tie bars where impact or stress is High.It is made up of PVC and bitumen.

Specification of  PVC pipe anti corrosion bitmen tape


Storage life

12 months

Service life

More than 30 years for underground pipeline

Storage temperature

5 C - 50 C

Tape Thickness

1.15 mm or 1.65 mm

Film/backing thickness

0.40 mm or 0.75 mm

Application way

Cold applied

Roll length

Hand application 15 m per roll

Machine application 60 m per roll

Roll width

50 mm, 100 mm,150 mm,225 mm,300 mm or to order


Black, White, Blue, Yellow

Adhesion to primed pipe

35 N/cm

Adhesion to itself

25 N/cm

Impact resistance(total coating layer)

15 J

Operating temperature

-20 to 80 C


Easy to apply

Excellent adhesion

High strength


Cold application

Resistance to Acid & Alkali

Excellent impact resistance

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