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Product name : Polyken tapes
Film : Polyethylene
Adhesive : Butyl rubber
Release paper : in your opintion
Standard : AWWAC214 ASTM D 1000,EN 12068
Storage life : 36 months
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polyken tapes for gas pipeline is a cold applied tape designed for anti-corrosion protection of gas,oil,water, industrial burried & exposed steel piping .


Xunda pipe coating materials Co.,Ltd  is the most largest manufacturer of Polyethylene Tape for the Corrosion Control of pipelines and specialty applications.Quanlity comparable to polyken tape coating systemis

XUNDA tapes  equivalent to Polyken tapes :                                                                                                                                     


Polyken 980 anticorrosion tape(XUNDA T 100  series) ,Polyken 955 mechanical protective tape(XUNDA T 200 series),Polyken 930 joint tape without release liner(XUNDA T 300 series),Polyken 934 tape with release liner(XUNDA T 600 series) ,Polyken 3 ply tape system ,Polyken woven tape system(XUNDA T 500 series) ,Polyken primer .


3.Industries we served


-Oil, Gas and Water Transmission pipeline market


-Oil and Gas distribution and utility markets New pipeline construction markets


-Rehabilitation and Reconditioning market


-Offshore IndustryRefinery and Petrochemical Plant Industry


-Manufacture of Polyethylene coatings utilizing Butyl based elastomeric adhesives, Polyethylene films and liquid adhesives for corrosion protection of steel pipe.


-Provides corrosion protection with the inherent chemistry of Polyethylene and Butyl Adhesive for resistance to water and oxygen penetration. Oxygen and Water are prevented from reaching the metal substrate, which are necessary and sufficient conditions for corrosion.


-Manufacture of conventional and specialty Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polymeric Alloys and coating systems for pipe corrosion protection.


-Manufactures PE coatings systems for applications for New Pipe Construction and Rehabilitation and Reconditioning


4.Tape coating features                                                                                                                                        


-High adhesion strength


-High shear resistance and shear strength


-Cathodic disbonding resistance


-Dielectric strength and electrical resistanceResistance to impact and penetration forces and stresses


-Stable to thermal and hydrolytic environments


-Long term performance stabilityCompatible with cathodic protection


-Resistant to UV radiation


-Mechanical protection




ASTM D 1000 test method,AWWA C-209 & C-214,DIN 30672,EN 12068


6.Various of pipe coating option


-tape coating system for line-travel pipeline


2 ply system :Polyken 980 inner layer+Polyken 955 outer layer +Polyken Primer,tape overlap 50-55%


                    Polyken 934 single wrap (overlap 1") +Polyken 955 outer layer +primer  




                    Polyken 934 tape wrap(overlap 50%)  +Polyken Primer without any outer layer system


3ply +2 ply tape system: Polyken 3ply tape as inner layer +Polyken 955 outer tape layer +Polyken Primer


-Tape coating system for pipe fiiting ,joints,girth welding &speical parts


Polyken 930 joint tape as inner layer+Polyken 955 outer layer +Polyken Primer


Polyken 934 joint tape as inner layer +Polyken 955 outer layer +Polyken primer


Polyken 3ply tape +Polyken 955 outer layer +Polyken primer

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