Pipeline coating materials storage
Material Storage

1.All coating material shall be stored, handled, and transported in such a manner as to prevent damage to individual carton containers. Cartons, tape rolls, or individual repair rolls removed from the storage pallets shall not be dropped ,rolled, or thrown in any manner as to damage the coating material. Cartons or tape rolls shall not be handled with hooks, ropes, cables, or any other mechanical devices as to damage the coating materials.
2. Factory rolls and / or cartons shall be stacked on end at all times and no higher than 72 inches(182.88 cm).
3. The coating material shall be stored and / or transported in a dry, ventilated location. Storage temperature shall be a minimum of 60 ℉/15.5 ℃ and not exceed 150 ℉/65.5 ℃ .
4. Individual cartons or rolls of coating material shall not contact bare ground or bare warehouse floow. Tools or equipment shall not be stacked on top of the rolls.
5. Joint coating materials that have been damaged or show signs of deterioration shall be inspected by representatives of xunda  and at the discretion of the end-user, be rejected.
6. Primer shall be stored in accordance with regulations that govern hazardous material storage. Primer inventory shall rotate on a first in –first out basis. Primer containers shall be marked with receiving date.
7. Joint-coating system waste material, primer containers, stub rolls,empty cartons, release liners, separator papers, and related waste materials shall not be discarded along the pipeline right- of- way or in the pipeline ditch.
8. Roll separator paper, as supplied by xunda shall always be used with the joint wrap tape coatings, The separator paper prohibits adhesive edge bleed of the tape rolls from sticking to unintended surfaces.